Therapy programs add spontaneity and variety

With the support of donations, Eden Gardens offers therapy programs that help elders maintain an active and engaged lifestyle. Our horticulture, music and art therapy programs add spontaneity and variety to our residents’ lives—resulting in happier, higher energy residents, who open up, laugh, learn, share their expressions of joy as they recall songs, happy events and people from their past.

Trained therapists lead these organized programs to engage the elders and connect with them through both group and one-on-one opportunities. Their training enables program leaders to provide an individualized approach during each session, and to formulate activities that will alleviate the boredom, helplessness and loneliness that our residents endure on a daily basis.

The Music Program offers many magical moments for the elders.

Music Therapy Program

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The Horticulture Program provides opportunities for great discussions and enjoyment for many, as they reminisce on past and present experiences.

Horticulture Therapy Program

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The Art Program allows expression from all, with many resident works of art adorning the neighborhood walls.

Art Therapy Program

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Music, horticulture and art provide creative and safe outlets for the emotions that people with dementia are often unable to verbally express. These activities are not ‘crafts’ but important therapeutic tools that allow the therapists and elders to deal with issues such as frustration and anger. They also encourage pride of accomplishment within the elders.

In order for these programs to continue, Eden Gardens requires annual donations in excess of $100,000. The ability to provide residents with the diverse and intriguing programs they need to thrive is only achievable through the generous support of the community.

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