Our Care Partners

Erin Beaudoin, Chief Motivator/ Executive Director
Erin supports and guides our team to improve the quality of life for our staff, our residents, families and volunteers. She brings her knowledge and collaborative leadership style as she delves into all aspects of our organization. A native of Toronto with a career in hospitality and education, Erin partners with our care team to build a culture that values trusting relationships, enriching the lives of individuals who deliver care and are in our care, and building a better organization.
Ashleigh Wasner, Director of Care
Ashleigh brings to Eden Gardens a long history in leadership and management, most recently running a care home for residents living with brain injuries. Her skills as a Psychiatric Nurse will provide some new perspectives to Eden Gardens residents and staff. Ashleigh is sure to become an integral part of the day to day operation while overseeing the roles of the nursing and care staff here at Eden Gardens. Priding herself on her ability to build relationships with staff, elders and their families, Ashleigh will definitely help to bring teamwork and gratitude to the forefront while enjoying a growing, evolving and dynamic work and living environment.
Cindy Kaufmann, Human Resource Manager
Originally from Regina, Saskatchewan Cindy was attracted to Eden Gardens as soon as she moved to the island. She has always had a passion for people and having the opportunity to work in an environment where “WE CARE” is so important has given her the chance to grow and support the values of the organization. Cindy recently completed both her Human Resource Certificate and Eden Alternative ™ Philosophy of Care certificates. As a Human Resource Manager, she is excited to work collaboratively with employees to enhance the overall wellness of the workplace.
Susan Jura, Support Services Manager
Susan brings her knowledge as a dietitian and in food service management since she began her career in 1986. Currently as manager of Support Services, she oversees the dietary, housekeeping and laundry departments.  A natural at event hosting, Susan adds something extra special to all our events, and along with her team, has created some great food and party experiences for the residents, families and staff alike.
Carolina Ponsford, Programs Manager
From Bogota, Colombia with a BA in Social Work and a Master’s Degree in Human Resources, Carolina immigrated to Canada in 2001 and has been with Eden Gardens since 2011. She oversees various programs such as activities, day programs, and therapy programs and champions the implementation of the Eden Philosophy of Care. Carolina helps build strong, caring relationships with the care partner team—including residents, family, staff, and volunteers—by providing education, resources, opportunities and support to ensure the well-being of the community.

Our Board of Directors

Our organization is governed by a volunteer board of directors. These directors are members of our community who emulate our values and support our mission with passion. Each is touched by their own experience, some with loved ones living with dementia and are motivated to give back to the community and promote improvements to this industry. Please email boardofdirectors@edengardens.ca to get in touch with them

Our Pets

Pets offer affection, unconditional love and help to ease depression and loneliness. We have pets that live full time at Eden Gardens and encourage visitors to bring their furry friends along. Our residents are engaged with spontaneous opportunities to interact with pets, as they may have in the past, and we enable them to do so in a safe, supported environment. Some of our neighborhoods have cats, fish and/or birds. Research shows that people who regularly interact with animals have lower blood pressure and have 21 percent fewer visits to the doctor.
  • Our resident cats are always looking for cozy cuddles
  • Colourful fish in several neighborhoods are a great source of entertainment and pleasure
  • Well-behaved and adorable dogs keep residents calm and happy
  • Colourful fish in several neighborhoods are a great source of entertainment and pleasure
  • Finches are a cheerful addition with their sweet chirps
  • Suet feeders to attract wild birds are outside all residents’ rooms

We encourage visitors to bring their well-behaved, vaccinated dogs into our home. Please read our policy to ensure everyone, including your beloved pet, has a positive experience.

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