A Class A.C.T.


The Associated Canadian Travellers is a club made up of commercial salesmen throughout Canada. The Nanaimo Branch of ACT formed in 1945 with the goal of improving the lives of the city (population 6,700).

Charity Begins At Home


Through member generosity, The Nanaimo Branch of ACT accrued $300,000 and set out to build a senior care home.

Welcome To The Lodge


Nanaimo Travellers Club purchased the Nightingale Rest Home and reconstructed and expanded the building to accommodate 88 residents.

A New Start


It officially opened in September 1981 as Nanaimo Travellers Lodge.

Getting A Break


The lower Bonar Wing was renovated to provide day visitation programs, today known as Daybreak and Stepping Stones. Both programs provide social and creative activities for as many as 60 seniors every week.

Expansive Thinking


With urging from Vancouver Island Health Authority, the Board decided to replace the old care home with a modern design to allow residents “to age in place,” and purchased 4.9 acres on Northfield Road.

A New Way Of Caring


Several board members, management and staff visited Sherbrooke Training Centre in Saskatoon to learn about the Eden Alternative® Philosophy of Care and explore designs that would suit the new building. Shortly after, the staff adopted “Eden Gardens” as the name for the new care home.

Watching Our Garden Grow


Following the issuance of a building permit by the City of Nanaimo RW (Bob) Wall Ltd began construction of a 130-room structure.

Movin’ On Up


After the keys were presented to the new Eden Gardens in April, staff and volunteers moved the entire population of the old NTL in a single day, getting everyone settled in their new home well before dinnertime.

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A Great Place To Live And Work


After a rigorous and independent review of all aspects of care, administration and governance, Accreditation Canada awarded Eden Gardens as “Accredited with Exemplary Standing.

Out Of The Box Activities


As the Covid-19 pandemic mounted worldwide, staff and residents were entertained in many distinctly different ways.

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Dancing in the Rain


We celebrated our 5 Year Anniversary in our new home with a beautiful party, bbq, and lots of fun.

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