Raising Funds Makes a Difference

Aside from the generosity of our donors, we raise funds through grants and fundraising activities in our home and in the community. Grants from community and industry associations allow us to make capital improvements. Sales from our gift shop & bistro, handmade glass flowers and the annual SoundWave concert continue to grow and support our art, horticulture and music therapy programs.


We are constantly looking for funding opportunities that will help improve our home and the lives of our residents. We have applied for and successfully received substantial grants from the Rotary Club of Nanaimo, Mid Island 100+ Women Who Care, the Nanaimo Foundation, the Rogers Foundation, BC Care Providers Association and Safe Care BC.

If you have any questions or suggestions for potential grants, please contact: carolina.ponsford@edengardens.ca, or sandy.parise@edengardens.ca

Gift Shop & Bistro
Our volunteer-run bistro and gift shop is open several days of week for residents and their families to enjoy coffee, tea and a light snack in a lovely sunlit room. The adjoining gift shop offers a range of clothing, jewelry, hats and other fun items that residents, families and staff love to browse through. Proceeds from bistro and gift shop sales go directly to Music, Horticulture and Art therapy programs.
Glass flower Sales

We started to craft glass flowers from recycled glassware several years ago. It mainly was a project to get residents and families involved in an in-house fundraising effort, but has grown into a much loved and treasured effort by both residents and volunteers, as well as the recipients of the flowers.

Each flower is lovingly and uniquely crafted by residents and volunteers to create a lasting and beautiful work of art for the garden. The act of painting the pieces of the flower nurture the imagination and creativity of our residents.

The flowers are for sale all year in the gift shop, bistro and other events throughout the community. All proceeds are used to enrich the lives of our residents


Musician Holly Wright founded SoundWave in 2015 as a “not so typical choir” for 55+ singers. In 2016, the group partnered with Eden Gardens after learning about the power of music and memory from the documentary “Alive Inside”. They bought some iPods and headphones for the residents, and several times a month, select members of the group sit with the residents as they listen to music together—helping to bring back memories for the residents. Today several members now come and sing to and with the residents to create a more interactive experience.

SoundWave also performs an annual concert fundraiser at the Port Theatre, with all proceeds going to Eden Gardens. Several residents attend the concert each year and a smaller group of the SoundWave Choir come and sing to all the residents in the summer. This relationship has grown into a rich and rewarding experience for everyone involved—from the residents and families, to volunteers and staff, the choir and their founder Holly Wright, who often can be found volunteering at one of our events.

Eden Gardens would like to thank the continued love and support from our many community partners, including:

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