Our family group is a wonderful group of loved ones who meet usually on a monthly basis to get updates on the operation of our home and share feedback directly with the leadership team.

At Eden Gardens, we value the opinions of our residents and their loved ones and understand that you know your loved one best. In order to be person-centered in our home, your contribution to the team that cares for your loved one is priceless as you will help us know and understand them for who they are.

We also want to share a better understanding and provide a supportive environment for having a loved one with dementia living at Eden Gardens. We know this journey is not often easy for caregivers and we want to provide as much help as possible.

Share, Learn, Exchange
Our Family Group offers a forum to share experiences, learn and exchange information. Questions and suggestions are encouraged to help improve our home and the lives of the residents who live here.

Find and Give Support

A Family Group is a place for caregivers to find and give support to each other and meet other families. It is an educational source for many issues including dementia, medications used, infection control and outbreaks, and family concerns. We also discuss upcoming special events, and share ideas for future events.

Family support is critical to the success of our home

Browse through our Family Handbook to learn more about life at Eden Gardens. There is also a monthly Alzheimer’s Society support group (facilitated by the society and not Eden Gardens) that meets every 4th Wednesday of the month at 10 a.m. in our classroom in the basement. This is open to the public and not exclusive to families of loved ones at Eden Gardens.

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