Your Support Matters

As a non-profit charity, we rely on the generosity of donors to ensure that residents in our care who are living with dementia receive the quality of life and services they deserve. While we receive funding from Island Health and some fees from families, these funds do not cover the full cost of providing a secure and enriched environment for our residents, 100% of whom are living with dementia.

What do we do with your support?

Eden Gardens needs your help to continue offering a better quality of life and the best possible care to our residents. Our current funding priorities include: Music, Art, and Horticultural Therapies.
Capital Projects
We often rely on donations to keep our home comfortable and up-to-date. Through recent donations we have added much needed air conditioning to our resident’s rooms and solariums. We’ve been able to purchase tents and furniture for our patios, acquire a Snoezelen machine to keep our residents calm, and buy furniture for our newly built classroom. Future projects include a greenhouse, some permanent outdoor gazebos for our residents to enjoy, and a new building on Eden Gardens property. Can you imagine your contribution to one of these projects? Or maybe you have other ideas?
Food and Veterinary Care for our Pets
Chances are that one of our family of pets will be the first to greet you when entering the building. Pets are part of what makes our house a home. Pets garner laughter, unconditional love and a constant ear with whom to share your feelings, as well as interaction, spontaneity, and stimulation. Help us to provide food and veterinary care for our assortment of fish, birds, and our resident cats.
Leaving money to a charity through your estate

Giving to a worthwhile cause is good for the soul, the community and the pocketbook.

Some of the top reasons people give to charity are:

  • A strong belief in the organization
  • A strong value for social responsibility
  • Paying less tax

Financially, there are two times you can give to a charity. You can give to a charity while you are living, or you can give through your will after you pass away. When you have a desire to give to a charity in your will, there are some important things to know.

Specifying gifts in your will

There are many ways to give money to charities through your estate:

  1. Cash. This is simple and straightforward. You can stipulate a specific amount of money to go to a specific charity or several different charities through your Will.
  2. By source. For example, you could designate the money remaining in a bank account, or the net proceeds from the sale of your car. This approach is also simple and clear.
  3. By source with limits. This is similar to designating a source of funds but also applying a limit. For example, you could give the money remaining in your bank account, but not more than $10,000.
  4. By life insurance. Using life insurance policies to give to charity at death can be a great way to ‘supersize’ contributions and create a lasting legacy.
  5. Shares of public companies, mutual funds and segregated funds. Giving shares of these types of investments have an additional tax benefit. When you donate shares instead of cash, you will not pay capital gains tax and you will receive a charitable donation receipt for the full value of the investments. This means less income tax for you and more money for the charity or charitable foundation!
  6. RRSP or RRIF An amount equal to the funds remaining in your RRSP or RRIF. When you do this, you effectively give the amount of your RRSP or RRIF, and you get a charitable donation receipt that will offset the amount of income tax you must pay when the RRSP or RRIF is collapsed on your death. This can be done through the will or with a direct beneficiary designation on the RRSP or RRIF.

Giving money to charities through your estate can be a great way to give back to society and to a community. It’s also a contribution to your legacy.
We provide charitable tax receipts and need your financial support today and in the future.
As you may know, we have an impressive level of care in our home and our ability to provide medical care is second to none. While that’s great for most care homes, Eden Gardens is also committed to providing our residents with an exceptional quality of life.

The government funds our medical care, however we rely on donations, volunteers and caring staff to support our quality of life mission.

Fundraising during COVID 19

With Covid19 restrictions in place to protect our residents, we’re missing volunteers and we’re limited in our efforts to raise funds.

We need as much financial help as we can possible. We urge you to give today.

Thank you to some of our corporate and fundraising partners

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