Eden Gardens is pleased to share that Ashleigh Wasner has been selected as our new Executive Director, effective March 18, 2024.

Congratulations Ashleigh!

Eden Gardens would like to congratulate Donna Harvey on being selected as our new Director of Care! Donna has been employed with Eden Gardens as a Registered Nurse since 2022, and we are very excited to see her thrive in this new role.

Eden Gardens creates a person-centered community that promotes well-being and a quality of life for all.
We are the only non-profit long-term care home in the Central Island area dedicated 100% to caring for those living with dementia. We hope to ensure those living with dementia have exceptional, compassionate care today and in the future. Eden Gardens was designed specifically for the needs of residents living with dementia.

Help residents live a full life

Eden Gardens supports those with dementia to live a full and abundant life, creating a diverse and home like environment where plants, art, music, children and pets are a natural part of everyday life.

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Support our mission

We rely on the generosity of donors to ensure that residents in our care who are living with dementia receive the quality of life and services they deserve.

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Volunteer with Us

Volunteers are a vital part of our daily activities, helping us thrive as a home for growth, love and joy. To volunteer is to give more than just your time—you give your energy, your commitment, your love, your smile.

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Come Work with Us!

Eden Gardens is a full-time home to 130 residents living with dementia. As well, 160 non-residents with dementia participate in our three community day programs.

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