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New Home - Eden Gardens

$2 Million Capital Campaign in the Home Stretch

In 2015, Nanaimo Travellers Lodge Society launched a capital campaign to raise $2 million toward the cost of a new dementia care facility on Northfield Road in Nanaimo. The specially designed, person-centered, complex care home offers a mix of public and private spaces to create a home-like environment for Elders living with dementia.

The new home located on Northfield Road, Eden Gardens, has replaced NTL's aging facility on Nelson Road in Nanaimo and increased the number of residential beds from 90 to 130. Eden Gardens also delivers expanded space for the Community Bathing program and other vital adult day programs that help to keep people with dementia living in their homes for as long as possible.

Construction of the new home was completed on time and on budget, and we moved in April 28, 2017. We are very close to reaching our fundraising goal for the building enhancements and your donation today will help us fulfill our financial commitment.

Why We Need to Fundraise

We work very closely with Island Health to ensure we can enhance much of the new facility. However, the escalating costs of medical equipment and services, combined with the increasing needs of an aging population, make it impossible for governments to fully fund hospitals and Elder care facilities.

Non-profits like NTLS work in partnership with Island Health and our donors to help provide the highest quality healthcare services for everyone who needs them, right here in the Mid-Island community. We will utilize the revenue from the sale of the old facility, but need further funds for our building enhancements and to fund the equipment, rooms, and daily activity and programs that are crucial to providing compassionate dementia care and a stimulating environment for our Elders and that are not covered by other sources of funds.

The Harsh Reality: Dramatic Rise in Dementia, but Too Few Dementia Care Beds

Ten years from now, one in three people over the age of 85, or more than 3,300 individuals in the mid-Vancouver Island area, will be afflicted with Alzheimer's disease. An additional 1,880 individuals will suffer from other forms of dementia. Those numbers don't include all those under the age of 85 who will also develop dementia. It's clear that we need to get ready now.

Today, there are only about 700 long-term care beds on all of Vancouver Island for people with dementia. Of these, Eden Gardens has 130 beds for those with advanced dementia. Unfortunately, waiting lists have always been a reality, not only at Eden Gardens but for all Island Health sponsored Elder care facilities. Our new home has increased the number of beds in the system by 40.

Please donate online to help us create a new standard of excellence in dementia care or contact us for more information Click here to make your gift to Eden Gardens

Eden Gardens
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Eden Gardens
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