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What to Expect

What to Expect During and After Relocation

Relocation to residential care is a major step for both the individual moving in and for the family placing their loved one into care. Please refer to the Eden Gardens Elder/Family Handbook to learn specifics about what to expect here.

Relocation Stress

Moving an Elder with dementia can be a very traumatic experience for everyone. Families are often waiting for a bed to become available and then have to take the opportunity as soon as it arises. This transition is often quick and unexpected, causing trauma to the Elder and stress for the family. For an Elder, the relocation to a care facility results in the loss of familiar surroundings and having to leave their comfort zone for something entirely new. New sights, smells, sounds and people can be overwhelming for an Elder with dementia.

During and after relocation from the home to a full-time care facility, Elders can become prone to depression, disorientation, passive behaviour and illness. This is officially called Relocation Stress, a phenomenon that can result in increased morbidity and mortality in elderly residents who are relocated. However, relocation stress can be reduced by having the staff and family members work together during the move and allowing autonomy and choices for the Elder wherever possible.

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