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Principles 9 & 10 - The Change Driving Principles

Principle Nine: Creating an Elder-centered community is a never-ending process. Human growth must never be separated from human life.

Implementing the Eden Alternative is a process; a series of steps that take us from where we are now to where we want to be. It is not a program that we can easily go from step one to step five and then call it good. It is a never-ending process of growth and opportunity as we build stronger relationships and bring our creativity to bear on how we can continue to de-institutionalize the Elders' home. It is not something we schedule into our weekly calendar. The Principles should provide guidance with every decision we make along the Eden journey...and at NTL it does guide every decision.

Principle Ten: Wise leadership is the lifeblood of any struggle against the Three Plagues.

For this there can be no substitute. Leadership, both formal and informal, is the key to success. Without it cultural change will fail. The status quo will win out and the Elders will pay the price. Leaders in the culture change movement can influence others to move in a positive direction; leaders come from all levels of the organization and set the example for others to follow. The Eden Alternative is always taught starting with Principle One because if we cannot see the Three Plagues, none of the other Principles make any sense.

As in a garden, the never ending process of creating a human habitat will include times of great warmth where the seeds of change can be planted and nurtured. Times of harvest where we celebrate the changes we have accomplished and times of frost where we have to pause in our efforts to reflect on what is working and what is not. When it is frosty, we have to have the good sense and faith to warm the soil and plant again. We warm the soil by doing good deeds without expecting anything in return; these good deeds are called mitzvahs.

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