Nanaimo Quilters Guild Donates 25 Handmade Quilts

February 2012 - The Lodge recently received a donation of 25 handmade quilts made by the Nanaimo Quilters Guild to help comfort and keep the Elders warm.

The donation included seven bed quilts and 18 wheelchair quilts. The quilts took close to 1000 hours of Quilters Guilds volunteer time to complete. Each wheelchair quilt takes an average of 30 hours and the bed quilts up to 60 hours. The guild members donate the majority of the materials, including fabric and thread, for the quilts.

NTL is committed to providing compassionate care in a home like setting. These wonderful quilts really add to that feeling of a warm home and are great example of how donors can improve the lives of our Elders, says Carolyn Kavanagh, Director of Care, Nanaimo Travellers Lodge.

"Every one of our quilts is made with love, understanding, and compassion," says longtime Quilters Guild member Nancy Lutes. "When the Elders' faces light up, it makes the countless hours of quilting worth while."

The Nanaimo Quilters Guild has been working in the community for 27 years. The 150 members are responsible for making approximately 85 homemade quilts each year, which are donated to needy recipients throughout the community.

quilters guild

Nancy Lutes, Nanaimo Quilters Guild, Dorothy Ritter-Smith, NTL resident and Carolyn Kavanagh, NTL Director of Care get warm under a recent donation from the guild. Ritter-Smith was delighted with her new bed quilt as lavender is her favourite colour.

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