The Monthly Breakfast Club

A ritual has been revived at Nanaimo Travellers Lodge - the monthly "Breakfast Club". The Breakfast Club is an opportunity for staff, volunteers and board members to engage with a group of 10-12 Elders who live at NTL over the most important meal of the day - breakfast!

The Breakfast Club, which is not served in the usual dining room, engages a smaller group of Elders in a different environment, the Stepping Stones activity room. The staff, volunteers and board members are up early to cook for the Elders. NTL Board members greet Elders and introduce themselves as they arrive, help them find a seat and engage them in conversations.

The Breakfast Club environment encourages the Elders to make choices on their food selection, from what they want to drink to the style of eggs they want to eat. The staff wanted to bring the program back because it builds relationships with the Elders and it links them to different faces, especially board members who they may not see on a regular basis. It is an opportunity for spontaneity, is a break from the usual routine and engages interesting discussion amongst the participants. This is at the very core of the Eden Philosophy of Care.

The Breakfast club has been an overwhelming success, there is laughing and joking as board and staff members engaged with the group of Elders. The group then sits and eats breakfast together. The Breakfast Club meets on the last Wednesday of every month.

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