NTLS -Our Previous Home Nanaimo Travellers Lodge

NTL Nanaimo Travellers Lodge Society (NTLS) has moved locations, and have moved from Nanaimo Travellers Lodge to our new home Eden Gardens on Northfield Road in Nanaimo.

Nanaimo Travellers Lodge has been sold, and is located at 1298 Nelson St., in Nanaimo.

The Lodge had five different wings: Bonar, Dyde, Lytton, Martin and Nelson wings. The Nelson and Bonar wings showcased small, self-contained secure units with common rooms and gathering places. Each resident had their own room with ensuite bathroom.

Every aspect of our person-centered care approach is designed to alleviate the loneliness, boredom and helplessness often experienced by those living in care facilities.

For example:

  • Notice boards on each floor with the correct date and "thoughts for the day"
  • Outside each bedroom there is a bulletin board full of pictures of the resident's family and friends
  • An activities cabinet stocked with cards, games, books, etc. is always available to everyone to engage our Elders in purposeful, meaningful, spontaneous activities
  • Residents and families alike enjoy interacting with our resident pets and can be found stroking the cats, and watching the birds and fish which can be relaxing.
  • Specially painted doors and walls that provide a comfy feeling while discouraging wandering
Without a doubt, the gardens were the crowning glory of Nanaimo Travellers Lodge. A number of gardens surround the building allowing every resident to have a garden view from their room. The gardens have been maintained by a qualified landscape company and provided many areas for residents and activity staff to do their gardening. These gardens provided a place for quiet reflection, BBQ dinners or summer birthday parties.
Eden Gardens
1917 Northfield Road, Nanaimo, BC V9S 3B6
Eden Gardens
(250) 758-4676